Party Juice - Workin' Classics

by Party Juice

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released June 28, 2015

Daniel Warren Walden



all rights reserved


Warrin Suprime Raleigh, North Carolina

Born Daniel Walden, Warrin Suprime is a 21 year old Hip-Hop Recording Artist and Audio Engineer from Raleigh, NC. Warrin Suprime is known for his energetic stage presence, when combined with his turn up lyrics, calls for a incredibly hype experience. He has performed with big names such as DoOrDie and Caskey, and there is more to come soon. He recently released his latest EP titled "The Basement". ... more

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Track Name: Hands Up
Throw ya hands up! Throw ya hands up!
Now everybody in the buildin' throw ya hands up.
I said Fuck the Police, I smoke my weed n' peace
Now everybody in the room jus' follow me. (x2)

Verse 1: (Warrin Suprime)
Being broke was not an option I gotta be iconic, add zeros to my profit by movin' the right product, cause my wallet, wasn't looking straight, dropped out of highschool like fuck it, ill be straight, ain't no time to wait. Gotta get it now, gotta make my momma proud, gotta show out.. and rock everybody in the croud, now im the realest out, 919, east side, rep it till I die, and show out to the goons in the southside! YEAH, workin' hours boss bitchin', talkin' bout i gotta work overtime to wash the dishes, i'm like fuck ya dishes... BITCH IM QUITIN', i'm on a money makin' mission, and I won't stop until I get it. Yeah, but shit forget it, you worried bout these woman, i'm more worried bout my business. It's a cold world but, I will reinvent it, cause I stay true to my crew, and my vision.. what's up.

Chorus: X2

Verse 2: (Brent T.)
I came from the 828, that's Asheville.
You can catch me on Merrimon-makin' a hash deal.
I ain't never gonna end up in no cubicle.
Brent T. will remain free- this shit is beautifullll!!!.
Ayo, I know you love the instrumentals flowin' through ya' ears.
If I didn't create 'em then they would never be here.
So when I say this shit... know it ain't a joke:
I jus' wanna be surrounded by da herb lovin' folk!
'Cause I am one o' them and I do NOT fuck with stems-
Seeds either, you know I am the teacher
Of some straight liberation-shit like Malcolm.
You can find me high in the sky up with the falcons.
Yo I'm sourin', I'm floatin', DAMN THIS SHIT IS POTENT!
I have some words of wisdom, Please people let it soak in!
We always gonna come with a revolutionary sound!

Chorus x2
Track Name: ¡Vámonos!
Chorus: (Brent T.)
That dro lookin' nice,
you know we smokin' right,
4-0 from the store and I got that grip tight,
We makin' all of ya'll fall like dominoes,
Ain't no one tryna slow down so we say ¡Vámonos!,
Like N-A-S-A yo, wesendin' you to space,
Make you feel like Neil Armstrong with that vape,
We makin' all of ya'll fall like dominoes,
Ain't no one tryna slow down so we say ¡Vámonos!,
*Yeah, we say ¡Vámonos!, we say ¡Vámonos!,
We makin' all of ya'll fall like some dominoes! x2*

Verse 1: (Brent T.)
I got the illest strain in town, We roll it, pass it 'round,
yo jus take one toke and it's impossible to frown.
They callin' me the king, so I guess I'll wear the crown
yo I'm slappin' on the bass making astounding sounds.
'Cause inside of myself - there are skills and I have found,
-out how to use them so this is how it's gonna go down.
We gonna look into our souls deep inside.
We gonna march up to the White House and ask 'em why.
Why we workin' so hard but we barely make shit.
Why I'm stressin' so hard that I can barely take it.
Ima make this dough, but I will never sellout.
You can't buy me con dinero, you can get the hell out.
This life is filled with bullshit and insanity.
Sometimes I feel like Ds my only family.
So Ima go ahead and let this man bless the mic.
Guaranteed that the bars he be spittin' gonna be nice!

Verse 2: (Warrin Suprime)
Catch me ridin' down the block, with your favorite hoe,
All my bread is on the rise, I get it then I bake the dough,
And I know,
That i'm hated most, cause these haters see me go,
to the show, collect my paper, rock the stage and take their hoe,
Funerals come, when i'm done,
Cause I killed the mic,
Fucked it up, like my girl, damn right, she so fine,
But I always catch her lyin', playin' games all the time,
had to cut the bitch off and make another dime mine,
And I ain't playin' when I say, I'm the realest kid out,
They try to fire shots at me but I keep my head down,
And ya try to start beef, you better think twice,
I'm always ridin' with my goons and always keep that heat tight,
And every time I rhyme they like he's nice,
He rap black but he's white, and I might,
Kill the game with my might, alright,
The limelight, need me and I think I need it too,
But for now ima smoke loud and drink with my crew, tell em.

Track Name: Edward Snowden
Brent T:
PEOPLE GET PARANOID, when they see me comin' through.
I guess it's because no one knows what I'm bout to do.
We are the creators of all this badass shit.
This is what they call the motha fuckin' Workin' Classics.
Not like the last shit you heard on the radio.
Damn I hate the mainstream.. but you already know.
We just stayin' focused 'til we make a fortune.
Gettin' lit and bringing you that funky hardcore shitttt.

Warrin Suprime:
Boy i'm bout to feast and leave the whole game starvin',
The fruits of ya'lls labor just a crop in my garden,
Recognize the ranks and salute to the Sargent,
Spit hot fire, have you burnin' through your garments,
Boy i'm super high, I need a cape, boy, i'm super fly,
You ain't on and that ain't hard for me to recognize,
Workin' Classics, yeah we back up in the game,
Comin' through your airwaves 'till you remember the name.

Brent T:
We causin' panic like volcano eruptions.
Like Edward Snowden, exposin' corruption.
The CIA controllin' the drug-trade.
Then they'll throw you in a cage - gettin paid both ways.
Yo it's up to us to reveal all of the evils
of all of these tyrants. Damn they so deceitful.
But Ima keep fightin' til we're all fuckin' equal.
Lemme go ahead and say it: "POWER TO THE PEOPLE!"

Warrin Suprime:
And poetry is written, i'm God gifted, i'm all in it,
I got what most people do not, have in 'em,
I'm feelin' like i'm gettin' too hot for ya'lls kitchen,
My visions are vivid pictures and i'm on a mission to get it,
The shit they spittin' is fiction,
They hatin' cause i'm winning,
Got 'em flippin' my words and trippin' out,
Cause i'm gettin' these woman and flippin' these figures,
I'm killin' these bitches,
And I hope that everybody is around to witness.
Track Name: Live The Dream
Verse 1: (Brent T.)
"Yo Brent T.! Man, how do you do it?"
I said, "In the music world, I'm just fluent."
It's that universal language.
And all these otha motha fuckas to the same shit.
All these otha motha fuckas spit lame shit.
So fuck them and the people that they came with.
Change up styles, hit 'em with a lane-switch.
No I can't throw in on the cocaine bitch!
That shit wasn't meant for me, I use my cash for necessities.
Yo I'm talkin' trees, and THC
You know I'm on the scene, 2015.
Yo we jus' might - hit 'em like dynamite.
Tryna take a chance? Motha fucka roll the dice.
Then we can see who reigns supreme.
Gettin' high, makin music and livin' the dream.


Verse 2: (Warrin Suprime)
Now this that type of shit that you get high to,
This that type of shit that all the girls sing along to,
And thats real... man here is the deal,
Only fuck with the bucks give a fuck how you feel,
Ah, gotta get the money, spend it all,
Now i'm on, everybody wanna be involved,
Shit, but I ain't fuckin' with the fakes,
Cause an OG told me never fuck with the fakes,
Ah, I just do my own thing, everybody so lame,
Everybody want faaaaame AH,
And everybody wanna be rich,
You don't work hard, you ain't gunna be shit,
Yeah, so I work everyday,
Clockin' in, Clockin' out just tryna get paid!

Track Name: Top-Notch
Verse 1: (Warrin Suprime)
Ayo, ima keep goin', and I ain't gunna stop,
Punk cop think he fuckin' with me cause he got me locked,
Caught me slippin' in the drop-top,
But the top was not dropped,
We was hot-boxed, smokin' shit that made the block hot,
Yeah, that's that Top-Notch green purple herb,
That'll get you so high, you can't pronunciate your words,
On my word the world mine, I learned early ima shine,
Up before the birds chirpin' boy im early on my grind,
Ain't no time to talk about it, you got a shot you gotta take it,
And most people never take it,
That's why most will never make it...
shit... but i'll be damned,
Comments on my Gram talkin' shit because i'm doin' what you can't,
Ya'll don't understand, none of this shit was ever in the plan,
Went from selling weed, to flippin' E,
I was clever with the bands,
I made investments on investments,
And sentence after sentence, at the lab late at night,
Makin' sure the rhyme's tight,
And I can't fight, that my eyesight is on the limelight,
Even Einstein couldn't solve the problems I find, In my life,
Sometimes I feel like ain't nobody know my worth,
Ain't nobody put in work, when the fuck they gunna learn?
It's all about, mathematics, just imagine for a minute,
If you added up the cabbage and subtracted all the woman,
Then divided all the misguided souls from your life,
Then you'll find that you've multiplied the goals in your sight.

So I hope you ready,
We about to light the headies,
We be like Na-Na-Naaaa let me look at my watch time to go...
So I hope you ready,
We about to light the headies,
We be like Na-Na-Naaaa our shit is so Top-Notch lets roll!

Verse 2: (Brent T.)
1,000 mg. of morphine. (MORPHINE!)
That's almost equivalent to what I bring.
'Cause the instrumentals are ALWAYS so Top-Notch.
We steppin' all over ya, like we playin' hop-scotch,
while I sip scotch-whiskey, you know they miss me,
when I'm not around 'cause I'm da illest in history,
And Ima take you out and make the WHOLE thing a mystery;
Wipe down all the finger-prints n dip out in a limousine.
I flip G's and sometimes I lean.
Hella sacks weighed out, I keep the scale clean.
You know I got mad respect for the Mary Jane,
'cause she's always there for me when I need to ease my pain.
So lemme sit back for a minute, sip the Hennessy,
verbally assault, and devour all my enemies.
I can't stand it when a fake-ass motha fucka
try to act down, playin' round, like we trust eachother
Get away from me and return to your own habitat!
You say you want crack? WELL WE AINT SELLIN' THAT!
So turn around before I beat you wit a metal bat.

Track Name: Every Day With This Shit...
Chorus: x2
Woooooooh, I said you don't even know (you don't even know!),
Wherever we go (man, everywhere we go!),
we dodgin' the 5-0 (fuck the 5-0, fuck the pigs though!),

Verse 1: (Brent T)
Let me sit back, relax, and enter high-mode.
Always lightin' up the hydro-I'm a pyro-
Maniac, and then I attack, no cash-back
When I get the facts and yo man tell me where the stash at.
'Cause I am an insomniac, and I did all that shit while you was takin a nap.
Yo, 3 FAT sacks and I ran out the back.
When you wake up in the mornin' you can see what you lack.
'Cause when it comes down to it.. I need 100-grand
and when it comes down to it you will never understand
that I fuckin hate this money but I gotta get it,
So I'm runnin' round tryna fill my pockets up with it.
Bubonic chronic - you know I'm coppin' it.
You can only get it if you bring me profit bitch.
LSD in my pocket, never dropping it.
...but yeah I'm droppin' it.
We never stoppin' this! AYE!

Verse 2: (Warrin Suprime)
I will never fuckin' die,
Gold soul get my foes oh so terrified,
Walk with my talk, so I never clarify,
Shit is already verified,
Because I...,
Am so infatuated, by the money and the power i'm creatin' its amazin'...,
(Boy but you gotta know)
Ah, everything I do, I be chillin' laid back,
Smokin' blunts with the crew,
Sippin' lean while I lean out the whip,
Got my shoes, out the coupe,
And i'm chillin' with some bad bitches, but.... (Every day with this shit!)

Chorus: x2
Track Name: Ain't No Problem
WS: Yo, Brent T., hit me one time with the bass line.
BT: I will if you bring mad skill with an ill rhyme.
*Aint no problem man we do this shit all the time! x2*
WS: Yo.
BT: What's good?
WS: Why the rhythm so nice?
BT: I don't know man, that's just what I do.
WS: Damn, right.
*Ain't no problem man we do this shit all night! x2*

Verse 1: (Brent T.)
I be causin' mad confusion man there is no doubt.
There ain't a motha fuckin' person that can figure me out.
They like, "He can spit a rhyme, but is he really a musician?"
Mannn shut ya goddamn mouth and just listen.
We risin' above, we coppin' a dub, we comin' up.
Roll up a blunt, that shit is the funk, so obvious-
-that we be them boyz you can motha fuckin' trust
to rip an instrumental like nobody does.
But yo check this... what are people starving for?
And what the hell is goin' on today in Baltimore?
FUCK FOX NEWS - and all the corporate media
Never trust them liars, they tryin' to deceive ya'.
But we ain't gonna leave ya, we here to stay.
Work on the classics, fight the system and get paid,
Because I need to see a world where there are no slaves,
so let's pave the way and get that shit today though.


Verse 2: (Warrin Suprime)
I'm a real a rida, muthafuck a coppa,
Finna turn a pig to Jimmy Hoffa,
Yeah bitch i'm awsome, i'm a monster,
Tell a bitch to flip a trick on the dick like Koston,
I Gotta lotta haters, but oh don't we all?
I'm all about the paper, and you ain't involved,
Yeah, I go hard, on every song,
They singin' along cause they wanna hear the funk,
So I bring that shit for sure,
Now they want more,
So I deliver the prescription, by rippin' the illest lyrics,
They itchin' for me to spit, and I kill it,
Every time, like pesticides on butterflies,
And at the same time i fertilize the money tree,
I gotta constantly stay on top of my prophecy,
It's obvious the Gods want me, to be the prodigy,
But quite honestly, it might be my biology,
My Dad was a rockstar and my Momma was a G.

Track Name: Once, Not Twice
Verse 1: (Warrin Suprime)
I was born on the East Coast,
Know to defeat these foes,
Like D-Rose, freethrow, we go,
All in, every single time, spittin' fire in every line,
And I ain't even got to heatin' up the rhymes,
Why they wanna hate?
Why these bitches wanna catch me slippin', takin' pictures,
Of me drinkin' liquor with some women,
And they send it to their friends, say i'm at this shit again,
But I don't give a damn... I be goin' ham...
Ahhh yeah, ahhh yeah, boy what's up,
I'm the hottest on the block,
Got the steeze, got the weed, got the keys to the drop,
Plus the outfit tight, boy i'm clean to the socks,
And if you hatin' on the squad, you can sleep with the crocs,
I'm the most, underrated, debated, and underestimated,
I'm so creative with creating I know i'm the greatest,
I'm the latest, and ohhhhh I feel 'em hatin',
They jaded, because the lifestyle that they live is not related to mine.

Now let me tell you once though... don't make me tell you twice though...

Verse 2: (Brent T.)
Ayo it's 4-2-0, Brent T. straight relaxin'.
We 'bout to make more hits than Michael Jackson.
So what do I see if I'm the Man in the Mirror?
Somebody that's tryna make hate disappear.
Got music in my ears, and yo I have no fears.
Except that if I die my mama will cry them tears.
Back in high school yo- we would sell to the faculty.
Getting everybody faaaaded- another casualty!
I stay- crossin' my T's, dottin' my I's
because I know that the governments tell mad lies,
And you know who might just meet their demise?
The man in the business suit because I depise-
-the way he treat the people AND the fuckin' planet.
They say you'll never hear my music because they banned it
But we'll take over the radio statio like bandits.

Chorus: x1

Verse 3: (Warrin Suprime)
When the paper gettin' thin, i'm goin' in like a kamikaze,
Got the strap on my waist like a tamagotchi,
Just watch me, i'll destroy your whole army,
Young hot-boy bring the fire like wassabi,
Uh, yeah i've had enough of all this talkin',
If your comin' for my head then you better get to poppin',
It's too often that I hear they want my spot, wanna stop,
What I do, cause they see me makin' moves that they can't do,
Boy i'm comin' through, pursuin' the loot,
Sit in the coupe and it's missin' a roof,
Ah, ridin' with goons, and they will shoot, at you,
Bless you, mothafucka,I'm on another level,
light years past the game in a fuckin' space shuttle,
Blasting off!

Chorus: x1

Verse 4: (Brent T.)
I CAN'T BREATHE! When this bullshit cease?
Ya'll got me thinkin' bout killin' police, SO FUCK PEACE.
Everybody in the world got a breaking-point
Ferguson, Missouri bitch! Case-In-Point.
You can hear it from a distance like thunder, seein' lightning
Turn on the TV and I see riots inciting.
Because the people fed and they've had it up to hereee
and they aint listenin' to what we spittin' in they ear,
Wisdom, Intelligence - the mainstream is irrelevant.
Even God told that my words were heaven-sent
I hope he don't mind I stay faded, gettin' hella bent
Hittin' up my boy right now to get some yellow tens.
But I don't need no 'Cedez Benz - only my music.
It's up to you how you choose to use it.
Like how I puff the herb to help me get through shit.
Track Name: The Vault
Warrin Suprime:
Siempre la misma meirda,
Chillin' with the chicas, drinkin' on cerveza,
All black attire got me feeling like the raiders,
Burning with the papers, gettin' stupid high off the vapors.

Brent T.:
Yo, no PhDs but we are the doctors.
Nothin' else matters but keepin' the rhyme proper.
Anti-federal - we don't fuck wit coppers.
We at the apex and no one can top us.

Warrin Suprime:
Yo, your bitch... is straight lookin' like precious,
I meet a fine bitch and put her next on the checklist,
Why does everybody want my girl to be their next bitch?
I'm on to the next one on some MTV Next shit.

Brent T.:
No one can stop us. We keep proceeding,
to keep all these weak enemies retreating
the attack we be leading with a Verbal Assault
with some insane bars we brought outta The Vault. HA!

Warrin Suprime:
I'm the real superman walkin' through the comicon,
Fakes don't eat off my plate like Ramadan,
Black whip through the city, get my Gotham on,
And i'm rollin' deep as fuck like a soccer mom.

Brent T:
Ayo we comin' for everything you got like Repo.
...cept for those bags of mid-grade... you can keep those.
A record company will treat you like a cheap ho.
D-I-Y man we stickin' to what we know!!

Warrin Suprime:
Ima... smooth criminal,
impeccable with the pencil, ima...
Write a rhyme, the dopest lines, one of a kind,
Ah, yeah, boy i'm stuntin' on the hoes,
But if they puttin' in the work then I give it for the low.

Brent T:
I rep Dead Kennedys, Chuck D and Public Enemy
Punk-rock, Hip-hop, mixed with some Hennessy.
You might get faded if we end up chillin
'cause I'm that dude that turns the innocent into some villians.
Track Name: Party Juice
When they see me on the block they like "OH NO!"
They can see me 'round the clock drinkin' brew cold.
I don't do what I'm told and I never have.
Why you askin' where da weed? Yo I gotta bag!
When they see me on the block they like "OH NO!"
They can see me 'round the clock sippin' 4-0.
I never do what I'm told and I never have.
But you be askin' where da weed. Yo I gotta bag!

Warrin Suprime:
When they see me on the block they like OHH NOOO,
I'm the dopest mothafucker and that's FO-SHO,
Brent T. got the 40 and I got a bag,
Stupid high, all the joints rolled up hella fat.

Brent T:
Yo yo! That's whassup! Pass that shit right here.
I got that Party Juice brotha-wit the Everclear!
Workin' Classics, and I only get one day off
So I'm goin' hard as fuck until I'm laid off!

Warrin Suprime:
Word is bond, damn right,
Makin' hits all night,
So cold with this shit make you get frost bite,
A fucking legend in the making, so we the most hated,
This life is so crazy its amazin', i'm not wasting...

Brent T:
ANYTIME wit it! Day n night we never quit.
When we pull up on the scene we spittin' rhymes up in this bitch!
If the bowl ain't packed tight, I'm about to throw a fit,
...never mind I'm already high. I don't give a fuckin' shit.

Warrin Suprime:
Neither do I bitch, feelin' divine,
Gettin' so high i'm touchin' the sky,
And you know my homies down to ride,
Yeah man, I got a trill crew,
Smoke some weed and pop a bean too,
If you talkin' kinda fishy we gon' eat some seafood!

Brent T:
WHAT IT DO. Man I'm not in a good mood..
Then I hit the blunt ONCE and it changed my attitude.
So now I'm tryna be, 'bout that positivity.
Yo you know they missin' me when there ain't no Brent T.!

Warrin Suprime:
And don't forget Warrin Suprime,
I'm the illest on the scene, and I be where the party at,
Bitch I roll deep, where your army at?,
Motherfucka, I prolly fucked yo motha and your sister (OOOHHHH),
And when I'm at my shows all these hoes takin' pictures.

Brent T:
'Cause they ain't witnessed nobody sicker!
You can see 'round the fuckin' clock drinkin' liquor.
When the clock strikes 3 brotha, I AM FREE.
Workin' class kid, chillin' with the fuckin weed fiends.